I support Indiana public schools and higher, fair wages for our Hoosier teachers.

I will work to expand On My Way Pre-K as well as legislation to lower the current compulsory
school age (7) for Indiana children; a policy supported by Democrat and Republican educators.
We know that students must have a strong start to meet reading milestones and academic

I will be a fierce advocate for students and teachers. I will work to make sure that the new
Indiana high school graduation pathways are not just another unfunded mandate, but that our
state will give public schools the tools and resources they must have to manage diploma,
workforce, and service learning graduation requirements. As a former NEA local president, I will
support ISTA and make sure that teachers and schools have a true education advocate. I will
aggressively support Career and Technical Education, to make sure graduates are prepared for
the jobs of the future.

Finally, I work tirelessly on behalf of Hoosier college students to make sure they have affordable
training and education opportunities that place them in high wage/high demand fields and meet
Indiana workforce needs. I will also be an advocate of paid internships at all levels of
government and party politics so that all students have access to experiential learning