Healthy Hoosier Families

I will always put Hoosier families first. We must make sure to preserve the health and vitality of ALL Hoosier families and their communities.

My motto from day one has been leadership for the greater good. I will do everything in my
power to make sure everyone has a chance to live in a safe, secure community. Where
opportunities to work, learn and play extend to all Americans, regardless of race, ethnicity,
socio-economic background, gender or sexual orientation. I believe in the spirit and goodness of
Hoosiers and will work on their behalf.


We all know that opioids and other addictions are wreaking havoc on our communities. From our
over-burdened foster care system to our jails, addiction is impacting every community and
family in Indiana. While there are no easy answers, funding things like wrap around services,
public defenders, case workers, addiction recovery, foster care system, etc. will go a long way in
curbing the impact.